Photo Gallery

Photos from “In the Black Radical Tradition. . .” Research Symposium with the UC Consortium for Black Studies

“50 Years of Black Studies” Panel with (R to L) Professors Felice Blake, George Lipsitz, Aisha Finch, Jessica Milward, and Jeffrey Stewart

“Reading the Black Radical Tradition” Panel with (R to L) Gaye Theresa Johnson, Elizabeth Robinson, Chris McAuley, and Diane Fujino

Professors (L to R) Ingrid Banks (UCSB), Leigh Raiford (UCBerkeley), Gaye Theresa Johnson (UCLA), and Stephanie Batiste (UCSB)

Photos from “Embodying the Present Moment” Workshop with Sharon Bridgforth and Dr. Omi Osun Joni L. Jones (October 27, 2018)

(L) The “Embodying the Present Moment” Workshop Participants; (R) Dr. Omi Osun Joni L. Jones, Workshop Co-Teacher

Collaborative group open practice at the conclusion of the “Embodying the Present Moment” Workshop (Oct. 27, 2017)

2017-2018 RA Maite Urcaregui with Workshop Co-Teacher Sharon Bridgforth


Black Performance Theory Conference, May 2011


IMG_0894 WEB

Bodies in Space III, April 2013.
From Left to Right: Guest Artist Karen Anzoategui, Co-organizer Alison Reed, Co-organizer Kristie Soares, and Co-organizer Shannon Brennan. Not Featured: Co-organizer Jessica Lopez Lyman.