Resistance Social Justice Pride: Hemispheric South/s Activism Handbook

Readings, research, and materials to inspire and instruct in this insurgent moment of clarity and possibility.

Let’s study, let’s talk, let’s share.

Performing Whiteness by Sarah Bellamay: “Stating that Black lives matter is a very minimum acknowledgement of humanity. The tenacity of the fight against this statement should absolutely stagger Americans and signal how far we have yet to go. Statements of solidarity must be actualized. We need more gentleness, compassion, and courage embodied by white people. We need people, not performance. We need for expressions of Black freedom, joy, grief, and rage not to cost us our lives. We need to get free.”

Black Study, Black Struggle: Boston Review Forum opened by Robin Kelley, with responses from Derecka Purnell, Shana Redmond, and others, on what it means to be part of a University during times of protest (the forum was published in 2016 and Kelley frames it with the protests ignited by Ferguson).

Harvard Law School student activists’ Radical Political Action Reading List courtesy of Derecka Purnell.

More to come from The Black Scholar and other archives for this moment of possibility.