Embodying the Present Moment Writing Project

The Embodying the Present Moment Writing Project

Following our “Embodying the Present Moment” Performance Workshop with Sharon Bridgforth and Dr. Omi Osun Joni L. Jones, we continued to gather in community to create art that was inspired by or grew out of the performance workshop. Like the performance workshop itself, these pieces explore vulnerability, life challenges, embodied stories, family history, and intention.

All works have been published with permission by the authors. These works are the intellectual property of their authors and cannot be reproduced or copied without written consent from the author. Please respect the creative and intellectual labor that have gone into these works.

“Creed Avenue” Excerpt by Stephanie Leigh Batiste

“I Am” by Deirdre Harris

“Defining My Own Sexuality” by Idril Miller

“My Hair and I” by Idril Miller

“Home: Your Body” by Maite Urcaregui

“Mother(s)” by Maite Urcaregui